"Have fun, help people, don't miss the big plays."

Big Game Capital is not a typical private investment firm, and our philosophy is that simple. We provide not only the financial capital to grow a business, but also the operational, hands-on leadership to ensure it thrives. With a successful 35 year track record of growing businesses, we believe in creating opportunities for the employees of our companies while delivering new value to our customers. Together with our stakeholders, we grow as a team. 

Our uncommon passion is what drives us each day. We truly love what we do and only invest in businesses that we believe in. We commit ourselves 100% to their success, and never forget that life is not only about winning but also having a great time doing it.

Andrew K. Rayburn- Principal

Andrew started Big Game Capital in August, 2000 to place private equity investments from the proceeds of the sale of Flexalloy Inc.  Flexalloy was an industrial distribution company that he was president and owner of from 1981 through 1999.  With an aggressive internal average annual growth rate Flexalloy was a leader and innovator in its industry. Since 2000, Big Game Capital has invested in different markets, bringing its experience in aggressive growth, unusual customer satisfaction, and outstanding growth opportunities for its employees. Another notable event was the start-up of a successful philanthropy, The Human Fund, which benefits Cleveland children.  Giving back is part of all our companies.  Andrew graduated from Dartmouth College in 1977.